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Since a few people have been doing this...

Good =
*gran canaria
*christmas job at Boots
*decent people in my college class
*laura and me becoming closer again in the past few months
*Hearts FC season ticket
*knowing Mikey
*getting to know other people too
*getting Oasis tickets, even though it's not til next year
*going to Holland with my Dad for the Feyenoord v Hearts game
*deciding to move away, in 2005

*being a complete fuck up and throwing away a good thing - too many times
*betty's death
*betty's funeral
*losing touch with friends for a while
*many pricks
*failing my driving test
*getting sacked from the pub in january, unfairly
*not being able to get a job for ages
*being a bum for half of the year
*stressing about ucas now
*missing Gregor and regretting things
*going out with David at the beginning of the year
*being single for ages
*friends always too busy with their boyfriends

ugh there's probably more but can't think. definitely more bad than good and it's depressing me now. bring on 2005!
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